Are inadequate management practices hindering your organization’s growth potential? 

Is there room for improvement in your team’s knowledge and skills in areas like construction management, communication, and problem-solving? 

Are inefficiencies in your project management practices leading to delays, cost overruns, and resource misallocation?

You are not alone. We have helped dozens of home building companies across the country address these issues and motivate their teams through our private, tailored, on-site management training designed to improve company performance, efficiency, and competitiveness in the market.

Don’t just take our word for it... 

I wanted to reach out to thank y'all for a such a great [private Managing for Profit] training session.  It is fair to say that our team learned a lot and that our challenge now is to prioritize those initiatives so we can keep the momentum going and make progress. ~Dave Barnhart, President, First America Homes

Our team got a ton of valuable information [from the private on-site training session]. We are all at a higher mindset, and working on holding each other accountable to some of the goals we’ve set for ourselves during the time Ed and Carrie were here. We really appreciate the format and time that went into this for us. We do believe that this is going to elevate our entire construction team’s way of thinking and executing. Thank you and your team for putting on a quality training program for us so late in the year. ~Chris Madrid, Production Manager, Abrazo Homes

We learned a lot [at the private on-site training session] and enjoyed our time with Ed and Carrie as well. We are better prepared and ready to tackle the challenges ahead... ~Caleb Blanton, Construction Manager, New Tradition Homes

Our training calendar fills up fast. Contact us at 303-972-7666 or to learn how our private, on-site training can help you address employee skill gaps, increase efficiencies across your organization, and overcome challenges impacting your profitability and financial stability.