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Regency Builders were looking for a way to simplify the building process. BuildTools centralized and organized their project data and made it easily accessible for clients, crew, and contractors.

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Regency Builders have been constructing homes for over 40 years, and pride themselves on creating a stress free, enjoyable experience for their clients. They have close owner involvement on all projects, ensuring high quality and customer satisfaction.

Exterior of custom lake home built using BuildTools construction management software.
Custom lake home exterior, built with BuildTools. Image courtesy of Regency Builders.

Helping clients understand the process

Regency Builders was consistently coming across the same problem on projects; they were sticking to the schedule, and moving forward at the right pace, but to the client, it appeared that there was no movement. Nick Schoenheider, Project Manager for Regency, found himself frequently trying to explain things to his customers: “Drywall can take a month to a month and a half on a big home and it doesn’t look like there’s a lot of change happening.” This was causing unnecessary friction and distrust in client relations.

Regency found a solution to this dilemma in the BuildTools app. By adopting the system, Regency was able to keep their clients completely informed on the process from beginning to end, which ultimately
reduced tension and increased trust in the builder. Schoenheider says that BuildTools “gives customers peace of mind and allows them to get the whole truth about what’s going on with a project. With the app, they can see exactly what was charged and where they are in the process of the build, no more guessing.”

Modern interior of custom home built using BuildTools construction management software.
Custom home on Beaver Lake, built with BuildTools. Image courtesy of Regency Builders.

Resolving the chaos of data management

Aside from client communication, Regency needed a solution for getting organized internally as well. “Project management can begin months ahead of when a project actually starts. Trying to manage all the communication and decisions that come in months before the start of a process can be an
organizational mess.” BuildTools offers a single communication hub for each project, where all project data is stored and connected and can be easily shared and accessed among team members and clients alike. By centralizing and organizing project data and making it easily and quickly accessible, Regency saw their productivity skyrocket.

In the past, decisions and selections were made and many times some of the key stakeholders weren’t involved in the process, and there was miscommunication which lead to tension,” explained Nick. “Now all the communication with everyone is in the same place, and it’s saved for that project. There is no longer a need to track down emails or messages.”

“The biggest surprise for me was everything you can do with BuildTools,” Nick said. He had originally thought it was just a place for customers to check on progress until he tried it himself. “Selections, documentations, change orders, scheduling, the ability to send emails and stay on top of everything. You take the human interaction out and let the automation do its thing! We can literally run the entire building of a home using one tool!”

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