Original Article by Homes for HOPE

“Wise men plant trees they’ll never sit under.” — Greek Proverb  

We often say partnering with Homes for HOPE is all about the long game. Partnerships take a while to cultivate, homes take a bit to be built, and loans take time to be repaid. But in the end, partnerships are solidified, homes are built, and loans are repaid by HOPE clients helping them break the cycle of poverty. No partnership embodies that sentiment like our most recent launch with Capstone Homes in Ramsey, MN. 15 years ago, Homes for HOPE Founder, Jeff Rutt, and Capstone Homes Founder, Ben Minks found themselves on a trip together in the Dominican Republic meeting HOPE clients. It’s safe to say a metaphorical tree was planted on that trip and began to blossom last week in a small town northwest of Minneapolis. 

Last Thursday, roughly 50 trade partners, suppliers, and Capstone employees gathered on Quintana Street to launch Capstone Homes’ first Homes for HOPE project. Spearheaded by Ben and Rachel Minks, the event was a smashing success. Guests were greeted like family as they arrived to hear from Western U.S. Representative, Drake Holtry, who cast vision for the work of HOPE and how they can get involved. The local news even came out to film the launch.