From Organized Living

It’s a fact; home buyers are not satisfied with the storage in their homes upon move-in. They spend an average of $4,550 on home improvement projects within the first three months of moving in, according to By providing the right storage solutions, your home buyers can move in with ease and you can profit. The experts at Organized Living are ready to help you capture those profits with these top five closet trends. 

1. Adjustability. This is a dominant trend year after year. Home buyers are not settling for anything less than an adjustable closet system. They crave strong, fully functional closets and storage areas to stand up to their active lifestyles. freedomRail® combines strength and versatility for a truly adjustable system your home buyers are demanding. 

2. Textured finishes. Liven up your closets with a textured finish to satisfy your buyers’ demand for an authentic wood feel. Textured live finishes are inspired by natural wood grains for an organic aesthetic in the home. freedomRail’s live finishes complement any home décor for a truly elegant experience. 

3. Open concept. The average person spends 55 minutes a day looking for missing items, according to the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. Home buyers want to cut down on lost time by keeping everything within view and are doing so with open and organized spaces. They are achieving this look with open shelving, wire baskets, and clear acrylic bins.  

4. Two-tone. Born from tuxedo cabinetry in kitchens, this trend translates beautifully into closets. Organized Living Snowdrift Live and Driftwood Live finishes come together to create a gorgeous two-toned closet. This dreamy duo is perfect for your home buyers who want to make a statement with their closet. 

5. Personalization. Home owners love to personalize their closets. Whether it’s adding a glamorous chandelier, wallpaper accents, sports memorabilia, or closet accessories, they want to give their space a personal touch. With freedomRail, buyers can add accessories and components to their closet at any time. They can move the system without any tools for an easy-to-personalize custom closet.