In a time filled with uncertainty and new challenges, having the support of a trusted peer group is an invaluable safety net. Looking back over the past two months, and how the members of our builder groups have come together to give and receive support under these unprecedented circumstances, a popular expression comes to mind: When the going gets tough, the tough get going. 

At a builder group meeting held March 12-13, as major closures were being announced and the severity of the situation was becoming clear, the agenda quickly shifted to the crisis and members began strategizing and developing a plan of action. On March 16, as many businesses were forced to disperse their staff to work from home and hotels contacted us to cancel our upcoming events, we contacted each of our builder groups to schedule emergency weekly virtual meetings. We took quick action to ensure members understood they needed to prepare for a crisis.

During the first week of emergency meetings, some members were optimistic that the impact on the home building industry would be minimal and short-lived. As the weeks progressed, reality set in. All focus shifted to preparing for worst-case scenarios and developing survival plans.

The weekly meetings have evolved into a supportive think tank where members share concerns and work together to develop strategies for moving their businesses forward during this challenging time. As builders are forced to revamp business plans, weigh the risks of PPP loans, meet with banks, quickly implement virtual tours and conduct virtual meetings with customers, our builder groups provide members with a forum to develop creative solutions and the motivation to maintain focus. 

Helping our members navigate through this crisis has been extremely rewarding and a testament to the benefit of having a reliable support system. When the going gets tough, sometimes we just need the support of people who understand exactly what we're going through to inspire us to get going.