In today’s age of technology, data is constantly available at your fingertips. Within mere moments, you can have access to an endless sea of information. 

But what use is all this information if you don’t know how to properly organize and utilize it to your advantage? 

With new, cutting-edge CRM technology from SKUWorld, you’ll be able to properly manage data to help you make informed decisions that will ultimately enhance your customer interactions, improve your conversion rates, and increase your profits. 

Customer Analytics Process

You already have the data, now all you need is a detailed map to maximize your success. SKUWorld is here to help. We enter your customer data—name, phone number, email address, address (prior to moving to their new home) from the past two to three years and analyze it to create a clear picture of which prospective customers are most likely to convert to sales. 

We create a ranking for each prospective customer based on how well their demographics and household attributes fit your customer profile. This ensures that you can make an informed decision on how to design your marketing strategy. From this profile, we create various visuals so you can view the data in a way that is most beneficial to you and your goals.

Below, explore the different ways we can make this information accessible and usable so you can get the right message to the right buyer at the right time. 

Customer Dashboard

The customer dashboard offers a comprehensive display of all your customer information. We use charts and graphs to create a clear, aggregate view of your data. The customer dashboard helps you fully understand trends within your existing customer base so you can initiate sales in an effective way, benefiting both you and your customers. 

Detail Card

The detail card provides a close-up, detailed look at your individual customers and prospects. Rather than view a collection of customer information, you are able to dive into the data of a specific buyer to match them with the best product and community for them. We also make it easy for you to load this data into external programs to complete your own data analysis. 

Heat Map 

The heat map is integrated with Google Maps to provide you a clear visual of where your customers and prospects are coming from. Each data point appears as a pin on the map which provides you with Zillow information regarding the customer’s current address. You are also able to explore neighborhoods through street view to better understand customer living environments.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Above all, we want your customers to feel like more than a point of data. We are passionate about helping you create the best customer experience by fostering fruitful personalized conversations. With SKUWorld, you can make informed business decisions to grow personal, sustainable relationships with your customers and turn prospects into buyers. 

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