Sample Letter 1: COVID 19 & Your New Home Purchase

Thank you sincerely for your recent purchase of a new home and the trust you have placed in us. We are diligently working on the construction of your new home and will continue to do so as planned.

In an abundance of caution and transparency we would like to communicate with you on our initial concerns regarding the possible consequences surrounding the outbreak of COVID 19 (Corona virus).

Interior Finishes
We expect interruptions to the material supply chain (lights, hardware, floor coverings, for example). We have been in constant communication with our vendors regarding enough supplies and/or alternatives. In the case that a product becomes unavailable we will take one of the following steps:
  • Contact you and arrange for an alternative selection of an equal or better product. This could apply to items such as countertops, flooring, hardware, lights, appliances, and so on.  
  • Install a temporary product that will be replaced at a future date. This could apply to lights, appliances, and so on.
We have made efforts to secure your initial selections (if you have finalized them) and will do everything we can to ensure you get your original choices. In the event we need to reselect we ask for your assistance and understanding under these extraordinary circumstances.

Construction Delays
The virus situation will continue to evolve, and circumstances could change rapidly. However, for now we are moving forward with all construction as planned. Most of our field staff and trades work in isolation so we do not anticipate major changes to our schedules. We do anticipate some minor delays as we will be limiting the number of people working at any one time inside the home. We will keep you informed of unavoidable changes, if any, as this unfolds.

Orientations & Legal Document Signing
We are working on new processes and procedures to meet the changing environment and minimize unnecessary contact. For the time being we will be asking you a few simple questions:
  1. Have you travelled by plane in the past 21 days?  
  2. Have you been in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID 19 in the past 21 days?  
  3. Are you a health care worker?  
  4. Are you displaying any possible symptoms of the COVID 19 virus?  
    1. Dry cough
    2. Body aches
    3. Fever
    4. Difficulty breathing
If you answer NO to all these questions we will continue with our normal orientation and legal closing procedures. If you answer yes to any of these questions, please contact us, and we will develop a plan that works for everyone involved. You will be able to close and take possession of your new home while taking precautions for ensuring the health and safety of all.

Specific Challenges
We are aware that this situation is going to affect many of us in unique ways—examples follow—and possibly in still others we have not even identified yet. 
  1. Some of our customers may have already traveled and are now under quarantine. We ask that you let us know as soon as possible, and we will work with you directly to ensure that we find appropriate solutions. This may mean delivery of documents to your residence, electronic signatures, or other reasonable solutions.  
  2. Some of our customers may experience temporary financial issues that cause uncertainty. Layoffs, reduction in hours, or other interruptions of income, to name a few examples.

We will work with each of our home buyers to ensure that we understand their unique circumstances and assist them during this difficult time. We are finalizing the details of a mortgage payment assistance program that will provide support for our clients for a defined period. We know that this situation is temporary and at some point, things will return to a new normal. We are here to help along the way.
  1. Some of our customers may contract the virus and this will present yet another set of challenges. We will work with each of our clients on a case by case basis. Our goal is to assist in any way we can.

Our company, our employees, our trades, and the local economy depend greatly on your home purchase and our intention is to move forward with minimal service and business interruption. We will be taking extraordinary steps to continue with business as usual, but above all else we place the health and welfare of your family, our associates, and our employees first.

Together, we will find the delicate balance among economic, moral, and ethical responsibilities.

I am available to assist with your concerns and or questions. Please feel free to email me. 

Sincerely yours,

Sample Letter 2: Warranty Service Adjustment


Thank you for your purchase of a new home. We are grateful for your business and now that you are living in your home, we want to continue providing you with an exceptional level of customer service.

With the emergence of the virus COVID 19 and the events surrounding it, we have had to reevaluate warranty service visits. For the protection of our homeowners, trade partners, and company personnel, we have made the decision to suspend non-emergency service visits for a period of 60 days, effective immediately.

To compensate you for this moratorium on in house visits we are extending your material and workmanship warranty period for an equal amount of time once normal activities have resumed.

Meanwhile, we will still be answering phone calls and emails. We will also be preparing to act as soon as we feel it is safe and prudent to do so. We will be monitoring the situation closely and will update you on any changes to the length of this temporary moratorium.

We will continue to respond to emergency issues, defined as—
  1. No heat
  2. No water
  3. No power
  4. Water leaks that require shutting off the water to the entire home
  5. Security issues, such as an exterior door lock that fails to function

If you are unclear as to whether your issue is an emergency, please call, and we will be happy to assist you in making this determination.

We thank you for your understanding and patience during this unusual and difficult time. If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call me directly.

Sincerely yours,