Color inspires us and evokes emotion, whether joyful or relaxing. And in a sea of grays and neutrals, the right pop of color is like a work of art celebrating bold, elevated design, inside and out.

When considering ways to create signature and colorful design moments for both floors and walls, tile offers varied and vibrant shades. The simplest way to select tile color is to explore color categories, be it greens, blues, reds, or yellows. With so many color variations, there truly is a tile for every color mood and every design project.


As biophilic design continues to play a significant role in our spaces, tiles in striking greens add lush visuals to surfaces, coupled with easy care and maintenance, already inherent in the material.

Saturated color draws the eye. And paired with neutral elements like faucets and fixtures, Passion™ (shown here) shines bright. Plus, subway tile will always be a classic.

Tiles for outdoor projects continue to gain significance as more individuals look to entertain, relax, and exercise in the open air. A refreshing choice for pools is the green palette featured within the Immerse™ series.


Blue enjoys the distinction of being the most beloved color worldwide. It’s varied hues embody stability, evoking feelings of serenity often associated when gazing toward the skies or the seas.

Pops of colors often find their way into powder rooms or guest baths. Here, the glistening effect of Inhale™ enlivens the space.

Pairing deep blue and an elegant hexagonal shape with Omni™ creates a backdrop that enhances stylish decorative accessories.

The bath is your personal spa and haven. Whether you start your day here, or end it, a calming blend of blues utilizing Splash™ is inviting.