DMF Lighting
Joins Builder Partnerships
Builder Partnerships is Pleased to Announce the Newest Manufacturer Member to Our Organization
About DMF Lighting
DMF brings a creative approach to lighting and offers industry-leading technology that sets the bar for performance, quality, and flexibility. Our in-house Research and Development team designs products that provide exceptional aesthetics and are modular, which allows our lights to adapt easily to a future room redesign.

DMF LED downlights produce accurate color rendering, smooth dimming and have low power consumption. They complement and enhance how a room looks and feels without sacrificing energy efficiency. At DMF, we understand that light is more than illumination; light is what makes a space beautiful, useful, and ultimately, enjoyable. 
If you want lighting that’s not just built better, but built smarter, DMF is the lighting partner for you. Learn more at
AVA Hollywood at La Pietra Place -
Beautifully furnished luxury apartment in the heart of Hollywood
Why Choose DMF?
Founded 30 years ago, DMF is constantly working to keep lighting on the cutting edge, whether that means incorporating new technology or testing for future-forward compatibility. Our products don’t just sit on the shelf – we’re always thinking about how to make them smaller, more efficient, and easier to use.

Our engineers create products that deliver exceptional performance and aesthetics, while saving you time and money, year after year.
Every part counts. At DMF, a single team guides a project from concept to manufacturing. Our engineers think holistically about how optics, electronics, aesthetics, and usability interact. And because we make everything we can in-house, every aspect of our products works together flawlessly to deliver realistic, transformative light.
Carolina Coastal Showcase Home -
East Coast Showcase Home features ultra-sleek DMF square downlights throughout
“What makes us unique is the modularity and the compactness of our products, and how easy
they are to use.” - DMF Lighting
There’s never been a better time to ensure you’re taking full advantage of the rebate incentives offered by DMF Lighting along with our other Manufacturer Members through the Builder Partnerships program.

Inquire today about DMF Lighting's incentive programs available to you. You can reach us at: or (303) 972-7666
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