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Door hardware makes its case for importance in a home.

Door hardware might not seem all that important in a complex enterprise such as a house, but when specified correctly, it can make a huge difference and contribute to the overall design.

Of course, many categories can make a valid claim about their importance in curb appeal and their impact on a house’s design--whether it’s roofing, siding, or window. But door hardware is something that homeowners interact with and use on a daily basis, so it’s claim is equally rational.

The entry door, in particular, is a case in point. The front door, says Bob Borson, FAIA, an associate principal and senior project designer at BOKA Powell, is important. “Besides being the gateway to your home, it helps provide the first exclamation mark of the entry procession,” Borson writes on his blog, Life of an Architect.

Architects have a thing for anything in a house that homeowners touch frequently or daily, such as faucets, cabinet pulls, and, naturally, door hardware. In their view, homeowners should put their money in these areas and select high-quality pieces that may cost a bit more. But the question remains: what should builders and designers look for in door hardware? And what is a reasonable price to pay?

“Your door hardware says a lot about the style and aesthetic you're trying to achieve,” Door Locks Direct says on its website. “When selected carefully, doorknobs and handles can be the jewel that every room needs. No door is complete without the suitable door hardware. The choice you make when buying the right door hardware for your home will be a subtle yet essential detail.”

When it comes to the style of the hardware you choose, one thing designers must consider is continuity throughout the home. Do you want all the doors to match to maintain consistency or do you want to get creative and specify different knobs in different spaces?

[A few different brands]

Baldwin Hardware estate knob portfolio

Baldwin Hardware

The brand’s Estate collection is a top-of-the-line portfolio that comes in seemingly infinite possibilities, including levers, knobs, finishes, and custom styles. It offers ​19 finishes in all.

Kwikset Halifax Passage Door Lever Set with Round silo 0


Part of the brand’s Signature Series, the Halifax lever with round is designed for interior doors requiring no locking functionality, such as hallway or closet doors. Three interchangeable faceplates are available as well as five finishes.