By Alan Hubbell
Residential Marketing Manager, DuPont Performance Building Solutions, DuPont Safety & Construction, DuPont Performance Building Solutions

DuPont Performance Building Solutions (PBS) is a global innovation leader in the building and construction industry, providing products and materials for all six sides of the building envelope — from top to bottom, inside and out. By developing solutions for managing the air, water, and thermal performance of homes and commercial buildings, we help our customers build energy-efficient, resilient, and durable shelters.

Backed by unmatched industry insight, building knowledge and technical support — as well as world-class brands, such as DuPont™ Styrofoam™ Brand, DuPont™ Tyvek®, and Great Stuff™ — our products and services portfolio enables customers to focus on what they do best, no matter where and how they choose to build. The DuPont PBS portfolio helps enhance the building envelope with easy-to-install products that meet the market’s increased performance expectations, backed by advanced building science to address myriad industry needs and challenges.

DuPont PBS provides customers with the freedom, flexibility and confidence to make every project seamless. Our unique heritage and foundation in building science provides a legacy of technology, leadership and innovation, that allow us to continuously evolve to meet industry needs. With cutting-edge materials that protect walls, floors and rooftops of homes and commercial buildings, DuPont PBS knows how materials work together—providing the true value needed for building excellence and design freedom. Integrated product and system solutions address air sealing and tightness, weatherization and thermal comfort, exceeding industry code and regulatory requirements.

As the world’s leading building and construction materials solution provider for all six sides of the building envelope, it’s our duty to understand and fulfill our customers’ needs. In 2019, DuPont PBS announced a 10-year product and labor warranty for the combined use of DuPont Tyvek® Water-Resistive and Air Barriers (WRB), DuPont Flashing Products, and DuPont Styrofoam Brand Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Foam Insulation for residential new construction or substantial additions.
Effective for products purchased after June 1, 2019, the warranty allows builders, contractors and professional installers in the United States and Canada to harness the air, water and thermal protection of the integrated DuPont PBS portfolio while enjoying a simplified warranty process.

Eligible products in the DuPont PBS portfolio included in the system warranty include:
Customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of this comprehensive warranty that covers a greater number of products and simplifies the process for greater efficiency, enabling builders to rest assured that they have available support as they take on new projects. For complete details, visit our warranty information page.
DuPont Performance Building Solutions provides the innovative products and materials needed to improve the performance of residential and commercial structures worldwide. We will continue to develop and deliver sustainable, high-performance products and stay focused on providing solutions that meet market and industry needs now and in the future.