Time is your most valuable asset.

Time Management Webinar with Shawn Van Dyke

Join us tomorrow, October 20 at 3:00 PM ET

You should budget your time just like you budget your money – on paper with a plan. When you budget your time, you can focus your efforts on particular tasks in a specified way. You can be more productive, gain momentum toward your goals, create the space you need to focus on the important things, and delegate the urgent things.

Designing your ideal week through a method called “Block Scheduling” will enable you to lead your team more effectively and train those around you to be more productive as well. You will develop muscle memory regarding your schedule and eliminate the constant noise of all the “to dos” you carry around with you all day. 

Join Shawn Van Dyke founder of Built to Build Academy tomorrow for this webinar and learn how to consolidate all the tasks you perform in any given week into blocks of focused time and finally master your schedule

This will be a session you'll want to watch live!