Original article by: BUILDER Online Magazine

The Warm Tiles ColorTouch thermostats are compatible with Warm Tiles flooring systems.

Emerson has introduced a new line of smart thermostats designed for use with floor warming systems: the standard Warm Tiles ES ColorTouch and the wireless, WiFi enabled Warm Tiles ESW ColorTouch.

The Warm Tiles ColorTouch thermostats are designed for use with Warm Tiles DFT, DMC, SAM, and WTE floor warming systems, as well as 120/240V systems from other leading manufacturers. An integral switch enables universal compatibility.

The ESW ColorTouch connects directly to WiFi without a separate hub, and allows users to remotely access and control their flooring systems through either a mobile device app or web browser. Users can remotely program their floor temperature preferences at any time, or set schedules for a few hours, days, weeks or indefinitely.

Both the ES and ESW thermostats feature a 3.5-inch backlit touchscreen, through which users can monitor and control the system. Users can access data on their floor warming system’s power consumption over the last twenty-four hours, seven days or twelve months, and calculate the cost of electricity for those timeframes.

Additional features include an open window function, which detects temperature drops and shuts off heating after 30 minutes, and adaptive self-learning, which automatically adjusts heating start times in order to achieve the desired temperature at the desired time. emerson.com