Original Article by: Emser Tile

As we make our way into a brand-new year, it’s exciting to highlight some of the top trends that we will see in design for 2023, along with many of the key influences driving these trends. As we continue to witness the aftereffects of the pandemic and as new global uncertainties arise we are more than ever prompted to value a space that feels unique, comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. While trends for this year tend to be vast and varied, they primarily stem from underlying moods around finding a sense of spa-like serenity or an elated and decorative boost of joy in our surroundings. Primary factors influencing design in 2023 will include wellbeing, creative expression, technology, and sustainability.

Wellness Wonder

Wellness Design will be a leading trend this year as there is a growing preference for design that elevates one’s health and mental wellbeing, especially as more uncertainty mounts from outside influences. Therefore, it is apparent that our internal environment must help stimulate a sense of calm, with a balanced mix of colors, materials and textures that often reflect nature and that provide a feeling of serenity. This trend toward wellness is becoming favored in primary bathroom design as well as in hospitality wellness getaways as both look to provide spa-like sanctuaries that set the tone for retreat and self-care, whether it be at home or away. Decorative stones such as onyx, known for its healing qualities, along with travertine, limewash and patina finishes will be popular surfaces in this category as they help to create environments that are soothing and comforting.

Natural Beauty

Biophilic design and the need to feel close to nature will remain in the spotlight for 2023 as it has an important link to wellness especially with the use of organic, tactile, and cozy elements like wood, stone, clay, cotton, velvet, and ceramics. These authentic and humble materials with rich texture help to create a relaxed, organic sophistication that is good for one’s overall wellbeing while also having an important link to sustainability. Attributes include handmade, imperfect details, floral patterns, terrazzo looks, fluted shapes, and plenty of arches along with warm, desert inspired neutrals, greens, blues, and terracotta tones.

Alfresco  Attitude

As a reflection of the importance of connecting with nature, outdoor projects with the addition of patios, pools, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and showers will continue to become more prevalent in design. Therefore, we plan to see outdoor areas become more integrated in the overall layout of the space, as one harmonious experience and often seamlessly with the interior environment. Design elements and surface details used within the interior of the space will be carried

Statement Style

Climate change, sustainability, and supply chain issues will continue to be important topics that influence design trends in 2023 and beyond. Therefore, we are seeing a movement in the world of design that promotes not only handmade artisan goods but also unique vintage items that can add eclecticism and individuality to a space. This aesthetic, which fosters creative expression with the pairing of various design styles and colors, can also be seen as a reaction to minimalism which has been popular for over the last decade. The trend encourages creating an environment that reflects one’s personal taste while making the individual feel happy and comfortable in the space that they inhabit. It speaks to optimistic maximalism with the use of brighter hues, playful patterns and shapes that offer a sense of surprise and wonder. This ideology which is a form of escapism with the belief of better things to come, celebrates the best of nostalgic and more traditional elements with the use of bold, colorful marble, checkered board patterns, wall coverings, eclectic furniture, and vintage shapes.