Exciting News From AZEK Exteriors

Builder Partnerships is Pleased to Announce: AZEK Has Added Their Shingle Siding to Our Great List of Programs
AZEK's top-ranked portfolio now includes siding to complement our trusted trim and moulding. We design all Azek Exteriors products for beauty and longevity to enhance curb appeal and add value to the place you call home. We've got your exterior elegantly covered.
Straight Edge Shingle
Consistency with a dash of variety. Uniform horizontal lines with varied width tabs and keyways for the most natural-looking shingle to beautifully complement modern or classic exterior architecture.
Staggered Edge Shingle
Patterns with individual character, dimension and diversity. Each random edge panel enhances the overall pattern for an amazing exterior picture. Beautiful variety in both vertical and horizontal lines.
Painted Finish without the Frequent Maintenance

Engineered with our revolutionary PaintPro® technology that delivers enhanced paint
adhesion and lasting performance, AZEK Shingle Siding delivers a low-maintenance
painted finish for your siding. Avoid expensive repainting projects and enjoy painted
Shingle Siding with less chipping, peeling and cracking.

There’s never been a better time to ensure you’re taking full advantage of the incentives offered by AZEK and the other 500+ programs available to you through the Builder Partnerships program.
Inquire today about AZEK's new rebate program available to Builder Partnerships members. Contact your Builder Partnerships relationship manager at (303) 972-7666 or info@builderpartnerships.com.


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