Most manufacturers rely on their channel partners for many aspects in the construction world all the way to the end customer, the home builder.

Channel partners are very efficient at moving product and physically getting the manufacturer's product from the back door of their plant to the construction site; however, it is not the most effective way to communicate information.

It is important that manufacturers establish their own relationships with builders, which generally involves an offer of direct support from the manufacturer, better known as a builder program. Builder programs often are customized to meet the specific needs of the builder.

Putting builder programs in perspective:
  • A builder program is simply the package where a manufacturer includes their offer to the builder.
  • The package can include a bundle of benefits to the builder: product literature, technical support, extended warranties, design center displays, and sales team training, at a minimal cost to the manufacturer.

Builder programs help build brand:
  • The best way to communicate the promise behind your brand is by taking your message direct to the builder, and communicating everything you have to offer.
  • Builder programs are the mechanism by which manufacturers establish relationships with the builders.

Value of a rebate:
  • Rebates provide manufacturers with a tool to monitor their builder relationships quarterly or monthly. It represents one of the few feedback mechanisms by which a manufacturer can monitor how and where their products are being installed by the end customer.
  • Rebate programs with builders can provide valuable input on the strength of the manufacturer’s channel relationships in a market. Builder Partnerships helps extend manufacturer program benefits to its builder members, in exchange for the builder identifying itself as a customer of the manufacturer.

Channel partnerships:
  • Manufacturers and their channel partners have one key thing in common: they both want to sell the products and services to home builders.
  • The channel partner may not be fully aware of the details of the manufacturer’s program with the builder, but as long as it serves to pull through demand for the manufacturer’s products, it makes it easier for the channel partner to sell its services.

Builder Partnerships specializes in helping manufacturers develop, manage, and maintain relationships with builders. Builder Partnerships is one more way for a manufacturer to gather information about their end customers.

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