Original Article by Amarr

Garage doors went from a single panel that opened manually to sectional pieces that rolled up overhead in 1921. Since then, homeowners have had the chance to exchange a single section of a garage door instead of buying an entirely new one — a much more affordable option. This way, any dents, or cracks on a single panel can just get switched out.

All it takes is calling in a professional from Amarr’s dealer network to safely exchange the section so that it remains covered under warranty. Let’s explore what damages would require a replacement panel, how to choose a new section and when a completely new garage door is necessary.

Gauging Garage Door Damage

Garage door damage can come in many shapes and sizes, but looking for signs that you may need to exchange just a section versus the door will depend on the amount of harm that was inflicted on the door. For example, if a bike bumped into your door and caused a minor dent in a single panel, this could be a great case for door panel replacement. However, if a car backed into the garage and caused damage so that it cannot close or there is a massive hole in the door, this certainly will require garage door repair or total exchange of a new set of doors.

Generally, if your garage door functions properly, but has some paint chipping, dents, chips and cracks on one or two sections, this is perfect for panel restoration. While your garage is meant to keep your car safe from external harm, the door is also the largest opening of your home and should be maintained or exchanged to ensure your safety.

After you notice damage to your garage door, call in an expert from Amarr to ensure there are no other critical issues that need to be addressed. From there, they can let you know if your door needs any repairs and can help you find an exchanged section if that’s all that’s needed.