Original article by: Homes for HOPE

Thursday, May 26th Grand Homes celebrated the completion of their Homes for HOPE Project making their lifetime giving nearly $3.6M. CEO Steve Brooks has been a longtime friend and advocate of the ministry and sits on the Board of Directors. Steve’s passion for the work of Homes for HOPE and poverty alleviation is second to none. During the celebration, Steve gave an informative and passionate presentation about the work of Homes for HOPE and lives that are being impacted all around the world. It was a joy and honor to have Homes for HOPE representation at the celebration and exciting to see and connect with the many trade partners that attended as well. Most of all, the amazing young couple that purchased the home was in attendance and was able to speak about how the purchase of this home meant so much more to them knowing that they were supporting an even bigger cause.

The work of Grand Homes will impact thousands of lives for decades to come as we invest in the dreams of men and women dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty. If you or someone you know would like to partner with or learn more about Homes for HOPE, please contact us by emailing our Project Manager, Kirstin Dhlamini at kdhlamini@homes4hope.org.