After the tough decision to postpone the Executive Summit in 2021, we’re happy to report the Executive Summit was back this year and better than ever! We are grateful to all of the attendees, speakers, and sponsors who helped make the 2022 Executive Summit a big success.

“Most notable to me this year was the optimism from the group despite the many challenges everyone is facing,” said Emma Jane Wildermuth, vice president of consulting and educational services at Shinn Consulting. “The atmosphere was upbeat and there was a sense of no boundaries as we explored creative solutions to issues confronting the industry.”

The theme for each Executive Summit is different. We select a keynote speaker, generally from outside the home building industry, to challenge attendees with new concepts and techniques. The rest of the program and speakers are built on the keynote speaker’s presentation and the theme of the conference. The overall theme of the 2022 Executive Summit was “Success Requires Out-of-the Box Thinking.”

Our keynote speaker this year was manufacturing technology expert, Peter Zelinski. “Peter’s presentation on the future of manufacturing and manufacturing technology was perfect for the program,” said Chuck Shinn, president of Builder Partnerships. “My intent is to help home builders understand they are home manufacturers and need to adopt manufacturing philosophies, systems, processes and procedures. Each community is a factory and the homes under construction are on an assembly line.”

The economic outlook presentation by Truman Patterson of Wolfe Research served as a wake-up call for many of the attendees. One of the major impacts to housing demand in the coming months will be the rapidly increasing mortgage interest rates.

In addition to the thought-provoking presentations our consultants delivered, the following leading builders, manufacturers and service providers shared out-of-the-box ideas on a variety of relevant topics including supply chain issues, the labor shortage, energy efficiency, subassembly, alternate construction techniques, and technologies to improve sales, marketing and management:
  • James Ball, MaGrann Associates        
  • Steve Bambach, GAF 
  • Wesley Briant and Andrea Stavovy Henley, Mesa Wood Ltd
  • Joe Buysse, SKUWorld
  • Brian Conaway, Conaway Homes
  • Scott Curtis, Lennox Industries
  • Pat Hamill, Oakwood Homes
  • Kelly Helmes, New Tradition Homes        
  • George Hess, Vantage Homes
  • Jon Joersz, Pahlisch Homes
  • Rich Kashian, BIMaire
  • Jeff Mink, ECI Software Solutions, Inc.
  • David Morris, Fox Blocks
  • Tommy Nobis, Schuber Mitchell Homes
“I enjoyed participating in this year’s Executive Summit and the theme was right on point for the construction market we find ourselves in,” said David Morris, regional advisor for Fox Blocks. “Your advocacy and endorsement of Fox Blocks ICFs is appreciated.”

Pat Hamill’s important presentation on the future of home building served as a call to action for attendees. He offered strategic plans and challenges for the industry to address the threats of affordability, rising material costs, diminishing trade labor, and increased cycle times.

“I am grateful to have attended the 2022 Executive Summit,” said Corey Hansen, director of construction at London Bay Homes. “Great to be in a room of industry leaders taking in the same presentations and seeing where the ensuing conversations lead. It was helpful on many levels to listen to what others are doing to mitigate similar issues and bounce ideas off one another.”

A highlight at each Executive Summit is the awards banquet we hold to honor winners of the annual Builder Partnerships Achievement Awards. “We had a such a great time at the Builder Partnerships Executive Summit and we are beyond honored to be given the Builder of Choice Award for 2022,” said Tommy Nobis, senior purchasing manager at Schuber Mitchell Homes. "There are so many great home builders and to be given this is an honor. Thanks so much for what you do for all of us.”

We wish to thank our sponsors for their significant contributions to the success of this year’s event: Paradigm, ECI Software Solutions, SKUWorld, AZEK Building Products, Homes for HOPE, Unbound Solar, and GAF Materials. The presentations were engaging and informative, and the giveaways for the prize drawing at the awards banquet were awesome!

We are already making plans for next year’s Executive Summit. Stay tuned for dates and details.