What makes Homes for HOPE different from other non-profit organizations associated with the home building industry is the global impact each home represents. Homes for HOPE is able to help thousands of people around the world with ONE home. Homes are not built by volunteers, homes are not given away, and there is no pressure for trade partners to donate their time or materials.

Home building companies that partner with Homes for HOPE donate a percentage of the sales price for a home, and 100% of those funds support HOPE International programs providing training and microloans to empower fellow entrepreneurs in developing countries and help underserved families break the cycle of poverty. Based on their 2020 Annual Report, Homes for HOPE has donated $21.2 million and completed 163 projects since their founding in 1998.

Message from a Homes for HOPE Builder

Grand Homes of Dallas, Texas, recently completed their 9th Homes for HOPE project. The Grand Homes team shared the following message:

“Just like you and I woke up and went to work this morning, there are hundreds of mothers and fathers around the world who are doing the same because of us. They are starting businesses that provide jobs for their communities, making products that enrich the lives of their clients, and taking great pride in their work.

By building a Homes for HOPE, we will help thousands of men and women realize their potential to be providers for their families. They are changing their lives – slowly pulling themselves and their families out of poverty for good.”

Thank you for partnering with us, with HOPE International, and with the thousands of families around the world that are heading to work because of your generosity. We are building locally to fight poverty globally!”

A Hand Up, Not a Handout

Partnering with Homes for HOPE offers far-reaching benefits. Home building companies are able to help Homes for HOPE fulfill their mission to fight poverty on a global scale, small-loan recipients are able to build sustainable businesses and provide for their families, and in turn, home building companies are able to attract top talent and homebuyers who value the company’s culture and commitment to giving back to such a worthwhile cause. That’s a win-win-win scenario.

To learn more about Homes for HOPE, join us for Webinar Wednesday on November 3, 2021. Matthew Baehr, Executive Director at Homes for HOPE, will discuss how strategic non-profit partnership can play a significant role in attracting homebuyers and emerging industry talent to your company.

If you or someone you know might be interested in starting your own Homes for HOPE project, please contact Matthew Baehr at mbaehr@homes4hope.org or 717-719-0313.