The global pandemic has affected all of us, and our first priority has to be taking care of our families, friends and colleagues.  Optimistic by nature, Americans are looking forward to seeing the economy gradually re-open.  SillDry is manufactured in Pennsylvania, where we've witnessed the restarting of construction projects as of May 1.  We anticipate that the new normal will be full of challenges, and it will take collective effort to get back on track. 
Construction Masks-1In an effort to help you plan for an uncertain 2020, we're looking at ways we can help you do more with less. SillDry is now offering a Buy 2 get 1 Free program for all new orders placed during the month of May (no matter when in 2020 you want them delivered).  We are also offering free shipping on all orders of 20 units or more*. 

In these times, it is more important than ever to have partners you can count on.  The economy will improve and there are brighter days ahead.  Thanks for putting your trust in SillDry. To learn more about the COVID-19 impact on the construction industry, read our latest blog post: Doing More with Less: A Post COVID-19 Solution. 

Be well,

Michael & Kieran

Buy 2- Get 1 Free 

*Free shipping on SillDry 9’ or smaller
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