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Contract with MiTek Platinum Global for drafting, design and estimating services

Are you looking to win more jobs and gain more output, without the high cost of adding labor?

Or, are you struggling to grow your business due to limited resources and constrained capabilities?

Consider utilizing a scalable resource like MiTek Platinum Global’s team of 1,000+ estimators, drafters and designers to provide unique, custom construction-based service solutions for your business.

Every employee goes through extensive training to develop skills to match your business and project needs KPIs and targets drive all activities, ensuring that resources are effectively used.

Staff are contracted out on a full-time basis and work exclusively for your business within the Platinum Global structured office environment. This approach provides you with control and consistent results tomeet your expectations. ​

Plus, a collaboration between the supplier, builder, sub-contractors and Platinum Global results in cost-effective design, reduces room for error and ultimately saves money
across the entire supply chain.

Kitchen and bath design, drafting and estimation

If you’re ready to boost your productivity within Kitchen and Bath Design, extend your team by utilizing our expertise in Drafting, Estimating, Design and Project Management Services to streamline your processes and finish more jobs.

Our team utilizes various software packages, including Revit, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, producing 2D and 3D Architectural documentation for Master sets, and Production/Job Lot sets. Our Estimating teams provide services by utilizing various software packages and systems including Cubit, Sapphire Supply, Kova, Bluebeam Planswift, and DataBuild.

HVAC layout importing to Sapphire structure with the roof (corner view)

HVAC, Electrical, Lumber and Component Estimates

Our engineers will professionally design a system according to ASHRAE/ACCA Standards, assuring a
high quality, energy-efficient and cost-effective HVAC system. We’ve worked on a wide range of HVAC
systems within both the residential and commercial segments, and our team is trained within leading
software programs, enabling them to:

  • Calculate load of Heating / Cooling using the manufacturers software.
  • Design the duct layout using AutoCAD / ProgeCAD / Plandroid / Wrightsoft Software.
  • Use Right-CAD to design duct system in 3D.
  • Estimate materials for HVAC System and import into Aroflo/Simpro/Dynamic 365

Our resources can also assist with Electrical, Lumber and Component Estimates, enabling you to
overcome the labor shortage and continually scale your business.

HVAC layout importing to Sapphire structure with the roof (corner view)

With MiTek Platinum Global, You Can Reduce Risk for Your Business

You’ll be paying one expense regardless of the expertise needed for your business or projects, and
eliminating the pain of attrition in the most sought after resource areas.

We also offer a three-month trial period, during which we’ll develop an understanding of your business
and train and develop the staff to your requirements.​ If you’re not satisfied with your services once the
contract is signed, you can walk away with a thirty-day notice, no strings attached.

Get started today by visiting MiTek-us.com/services/Platinum-Global MiTek-us.com/services/Platinum-Global  to learn more about scaling up
without staffing up.


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