Original Article by Broan-NuTone

Now, more than ever, fresh, clean air is essential to a healthy home. Good indoor air quality means there is just the right amount of humidity as well as low amounts of harmful chemicals, smoke, and particles in the air. More states and homeowners are demanding better air quality inside because fresh, clean air is essential to good health.
Today’s air-tight construction techniques can cause excess humidity and airborne pollutants to be trapped indoors. The result? Mold, condensation, and other issues can have serious consequences for the home or businesses structure and significantly impact the health of its occupants. Exceptional indoor air quality not only increases the longevity of the home, but helps people breathe, sleep, play and live better.
When building or remodeling a home, putting together a great ventilation strategy starts with fresh air. Broan Fresh Air Systems are designed to provide a continuous supply of fresh air to each home — and keep the people in it healthy. These systems draw fresh air in, filter it, then distribute it throughout your home. When you build with a Broan Fresh Air System, your customers will see the energy-savings while having the comfort knowing that every breath taken inside is as fresh as one taken outside.


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