The power that construction schedules have over the success of your home building business cannot be denied. Extended, unreliable construction schedules have a devastating domino effect, sabotaging every area of your business, including your profitability. 

There is a direct correlation between the efficiency of your construction schedules and your current level of success. If you want to see better results across the board, improve your scheduling.

Consequences of Extended, Unreliable Construction Schedules

Below are a few examples of how scheduling can impact company performance.
  • Inefficient scheduling leads to increased cycle time
  • Increased cycle time leads to higher operating expenses and unreliable schedules
  • Unreliable schedules mean trades can’t plan ahead and job sites sit empty
  • Empty job sites mean extended construction schedules
  • Extended construction schedules equal higher financing expenses and delayed closings
  • Delayed closings mean unpredictable cash flow and low customer satisfaction
The only people who stand to win from your unreliable construction schedules are your competitors. You can build the best house only to have unhappy customers due to delays. Don’t sabotage your success.

Benefits of Efficient, Reliable Construction Schedules

The list below provides an example of what you stand to gain from improving your scheduling. 
  • Reliable construction schedules mean the elimination of dry runs
  • No dry runs means trades can trust your schedules
  • Trades that trust your schedules send you their best crews
  • The best crews deliver high quality homes on time
  • High quality homes delivered on time equal satisfied customers
  • Satisfied customers mean more referrals and more sales
Everybody wins when your construction schedules are efficient and reliable. 

There’s never been a better time to focus on improving your scheduling methods and procedures. Extended construction schedules at today’s high interest rates result in a considerable increase in financing expenses. 

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Ed Hauck is a senior consultant at Shinn Consulting. He specializes in helping builders around the country reduce direct construction cost, streamline operations, and guide new product design towards efficiency and cost control.