Original Article by Roland Nairnsey, New Home Sales Plus
IBS 2024 10 Key Takeaways from Roland part 1

The International Builders Show in Vegas was the highest-attended show in 15 years with over 75,000 attendees. Many of you were back home making sales and tending to your families; and couldn’t just take off for three days, and swan around Sin City, gorging yourself on education, exhibits, and Gordon Ramsey's latest cuisine! So with that in mind, I thought I would update you with some of the educational tidbits and lessons learned. 

Proud Papa of Protegees

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.

Oprah Winfrey

I am so grateful to many mentors who have helped me along the way. One of the greatest honors as a sales coach is observing people you have coached, not only thrive in sales and their careers; but also become teachers and educate and inspire others to follow in their illustrious footsteps. This year I had the ultimate pleasure of watching four such talented women, share their wisdom with their peers at IBS 2024.  

For the record, I have asked everyone mentioned in this blog to send me their own more in-depth blog, which we will send out to you separately, so you can unpack more detailed information. I would like to share my biggest takeaways with you, of what I learned from each.

Sales and Marketing leaders Terri Smith of Bosgraaf Homes in Holland Michigan, and Jenna Parker of Stevens Fine Homes in Wilmington, NC taught: “How to Cross-Train, Streamline & Collaborate your way to maximize profits and improve Culture.”

Terri Bosgraf discusses team building retreats at IBS 2024

Key # 1 -  Team Building Retreat

Among other topics, Terri talked about Bosgraaf’s “Two Day Vision Retreat”. This is an annual Team Building event, where the whole company hunkers down and works on the upcoming year goals and strategies. They begin with a detailed SWOT analysis, then have breakout groups, and have each group present their ideas to the rest of the company. Terri shared that there were some less-social types, who originally came kicking and screaming, but have now become raving fans for the process, and cheerleaders for the company culture.

“High, Low, Buffalo.”

You will have to wait for Terri’s blog to know what Buffalo means, pertaining to goal setting, but the biggest takeaways Terri shared was that:

Transparency = Buy in