High-performance roofing systems need high-quality attic ventilation
As you know (but most homeowners don’t) proper attic ventilation is key to helping reduce attic temperatures and moisture, and for helping to avoid premature degradation of the roof system.
As warm weather approaches, homeowners will start to notice temperatures creeping up in their attics and upper-story living areas.
To help you educate yourself and your customers on this often overlooked and misunderstood roofing system component, GAF has developed a brand new series of attic ventilation videos.
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Ventilation Videos:
1. Attic Ventilation 101 — What is attic ventilation and why is it so important?
2. Attic Ventilation Products 101 — Common types of ventilation products and how to choose the solution that’s right for your job.
3. Planning a Balanced Attic Ventilation System — Learn the easy math you need to make sure you’re installing the right amount of ventilation.
4. Common Installation Mistakes — Avoid the common mistakes that may reduce attic ventilation effectiveness
Whether you’re new to attic ventilation installation, want to increase your own knowledge, or want to educate a homeowner, these new ventilation videos will feel like a breath of fresh air.
GAF offers a wide range of products for all of your attic ventilation needs. Check out the entire selection.
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