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Builder Partnerships is Pleased to Announce Updated Programs and Name Change to Our Rebate Program for Huntsman Building Solutions (Formally Known As: Icynene-Lapolla)
About Huntsman Building Solutions:

The Huntsman Building Solutions business is a global leader in high-performance, sustainable building envelope solutions. Its systems and solutions are widely utilized to optimize commercial and residential structures worldwide in both new construction and retrofit applications.

Formed in 2020 with the acquisition of Icynene-Lapolla and its combination with Demilec, the Huntsman Building Solutions business capitalizes on legacy industry technologies, environmental stewardship and the power of the Huntsman brand. Visit www.huntsmanbuilds.com
Updated Programs:

Huntsman – Room Above the Garage
Huntsman – Whole Home Insulation with Air Sealing System Program
Huntsman – Wall Insulation with Air Sealing System Program
Huntsman – Attic Insulation with Basic Air Sealing System Program
Huntsman – Basic Air Sealing Package

**ALL Programs Formally Known As: Icynene-Lapolla**
Why Spray Foam?

Residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural construction professionals recognize that the most energy efficient, eco-friendly and innovative technology available today is spray foam insulation, rather than fiberglass.

They also appreciate that spray foam insulation will endure and perform for the life of the home or building.
No Matter the Size or Scale
There’s never been a better time to ensure you’re taking full advantage of the incentives offered by Huntsman Building Solutions and the other 800+ programs available to you through the Manufacturer Members in the Builder Partnerships program.

Inquire today about Huntsman Building Solutions' updated rebate programs (Formally Known As: Icynene-Lapolla) available to Builder Partnerships members. Contact your Builder Partnerships Relationship Manager at
(303) 972-7666 or info@builderpartnerships.com
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