February 28, 2022

Dear Builder and Installing Dealers:

Lennox has a new limited warranty offering provided under the name Warranty Your Way™ that, for certain applicable equipment, provides your homebuyers the opportunity to select the extended limited warranty coverage of their choice.
Warranty Your Way™ features the opportunity to obtain 3-year labor coverage at no additional cost. i On eligible Merit® and Elite® equipment, homebuyers have an opportunity to receive the traditional 5-year parts only extension or a 3-year labor and 2-year parts extension. For eligible Dave Lennox Signature® Collection equipment, homebuyers have an opportunity to receive 3 years of labor coverage or an additional 2 years of parts only coverage (for a total of 12 years parts only).

In the best interest of all, it is a requirement to include the attached document entitled “Customer Disclosure” in the homebuyer’s closing document packet. This disclosure provides important information to the homebuyer regarding their eligible equipment’s registration (or, if applicable, selection) requirements. Only a homebuyer should register their equipment with Lennox, and it must be registered within 60 days after closing. Any equipment registered in a name other than the homebuyer may jeopardize the extended limited warranty, as once the type of extended limited warranty is selected (e.g., the parts only extended limited warranty or the parts and labor extended limited warranty), the selected coverage cannot be changed.

As always, thank you for your business and partnership with Lennox. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Good Health,

Chris Ham

Director, Residential New Construction Lennox Industries

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Homebuyers outside of California, Quebec, or any other jurisdiction that prohibits registration requirements to effectuate warranties must register their eligible Lennox equipment within sixty (60) days of closing date for any applicable extended limited warranty to apply.
For homebuyers in California, Quebec, or any other jurisdiction that prohibits registration requirements to effectuate warranties, there is no registration requirement, and the failure to register their eligible equipment does not diminish their warranty coverage. Such homebuyers of eligible Lennox equipment automatically receive both the basic limited warranty and the traditional, parts only extended limited warranty that applies to their equipment. If such a homebuyer desires to switch from the traditional parts only extended limited warranty to the alternative reduced parts and labor coverage, the homebuyer must make such selection within sixty (60) of the closing date.ii
Homebuyers can also purchase additional labor coverage through the Comfort Shield® program, which is provided by Service Net Warranty, LLC, part of AIG, and is transferrable.

i Terms, conditions, and exclusions apply. Please review the full terms and conditions at Lennox.com/WarrantyYourWay.
ii Homebuyers must register or, if applicable, inform Lennox of their selection through the www.WarrantyYourWay.com website, by contacting Lennox Customer Service at 1-800-9-LENNOX, or www.lennox.com/help/contact-us/warranty (clicking on “E-mail our Contact Center”).


Residents of California, Quebec, or Any Other Jurisdiction that Prohibits Registration Requirements to Effectuate a Warranty
You do not have to register your Lennox-branded HVAC equipment (the “Equipment”) to activate or effectuate any applicable basic limited warranty and extended limited warranty (together, the “Limited Warranties”) that come with the Equipment and the failure to register the Equipment does not reduce or diminish the Limited Warranties. If the Equipment qualifies for Warranty Your Way, you have the right to switch from the default parts-only extended limited warranty to an extended limited warranty that has a shorter parts period but covers some labor so long as you inform Lennox of your desire to switch within sixty (60) days of closing (terms and conditions apply).
U.S. & Canada Residents (Excluding California, Quebec, or Any Other Jurisdiction that Prohibits Registration Requirements to Effectuate a Warranty)

You need to timely and properly register the Equipment to activate and effectuate the extended limited warranty on your Equipment, if any. If your eligible Equipment is not properly registered within sixty
(60) days of closing, you will lose your right to coverage under any extended limited warranty that could have applied (terms and conditions apply).
Opportunity to Review the Limited Warranty’s Terms
Prior to and after closing, you may review the Limited Warranties at www.Lennox.com/WarrantyYourWay or obtain one by calling 1-800-9-LENNOX to receive a copy by mail. The Limited Warranties are subject to detailed terms, conditions, and limitations. Please refer to the Limited Warranties for further information. By using the Equipment, you agree to and are bound by the terms of those Limited Warranties, including, without limitation, the specified (i) arbitration requirements; (ii) Equipment maintenance and other requirements; (iii) limitations of liability and exclusions for coverage; and (iv) class action waiver.
No Additional Cost Limited Warranty Option
You do not need to purchase an extended service agreement to obtain the Limited Warranties that come at no additional cost with the Equipment.
Privacy Policy
By participating in Warranty Your Way, you understand and acknowledge that your personal information may be shared in accordance with Lennox’s privacy policy available at: https://www.lennoxinternational.com/home/Home/privacy.html.