Original Article by: Kichler Lighting

Let’s talk layers. There’s a reason designers love them. Fashion designers use layers to create new looks. Culinary designers craft amazingly delicious things with layers – think cake. Even scent is layered to bring out its nuances. So it is with lighting. Did you know you can use it to add depth and dimension to a room, switch the mood in an instant and showcase your favorite things? And, that’s just the short list.

You just have to know a few light layering basics. Add your imagination and the right lighting partner and you’ll be layering brilliant looks before you know it.

The 3 Layers of Lighting

Layer 1: Ambient Lighting

Think of it as a foundation or a canvas upon which to paint a distinctive lighting picture. It’s the big fluorescent box in the center of your kitchen or the track lighting or ceiling fan in your family room or great room. Or use evenly-spaced downlights & recessed lights to help create the perfect ambient light.

Layer 2: Task Lighting

Task lighting is the light you need to get the daily to-do list done. This layer of lighting is concentrated where routine tasks get accomplished, like homework, cooking, putting on your makeup, brushing your teeth, etc. That’s why task lighting is often under or over cabinets and around mirrors. Also, you can strategically place downlights & recessed lighting above countertops, slightly away from the cabinets to help shed light on high-task areas.