Why Bulbrite? Assortment, Value and Price

Innovation is one of Bulbrite's core values. Check out a few of our newest products that help Turn Life On!

LED Tubular Bulbs
Introducing our new line of LED Tubular bulbs. These bulbs utilize a proprietary single filament to perfectly mimic the look and feel of their incandescent replacement. Offered in 3 sizes to fit any need.

Dusk to Dawn Bulb
A dusk to dawn bulb that is truly set-it & forget-it and will provide light only when it's truly dark with less false on/offs due to Bulbrite's proprietary sensor.

LED Fiesta & Spunlite
Reimagining our original incandescent Spunlite and Fiesta bulbs utilizing long-lasting energy-saving LED technology. Upgrade your fixture with these decorative styles.

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