Different lighting can transform a den into a cozy reading nook. Or turn a kitchen to an energizing gathering space. Until you see it for yourself, it’s hard to understand just how powerful lighting can be.
Get to know the ambience your customers wish to create. It can help to guide lighting choices, and even upgrades.
Energetic brilliance is bright, invigorating light that floods an entire space. Whether your customers want to liven up a kitchen for entertaining or bring more energy to a home gym, downlights and flush mounts supply the general and supplemental lighting needed to create this effect.
Focused intensity is directional light surrounded by a darker space that keeps your eyes on either important tasks or focal points in a space. Whether its under-cabinet lighting illuminating a cutting board or a pendant light displaying a pottery piece from recent travels, this effect is sure to catch the eye.
Calming aura is purposefully dim, warm-toned light that decompresses the mind and calms the nerves. To set the mood for relaxation (such as TV viewing), use sconces in a living room or under-counter or toe kick LED lighting to create an ambient glow. Look for a warmer color temperature, such as 2700K, and utilize dimmers to adjust the tone as desired.
Impactful and calming, natural radiance mimics that of natural light from the sun through a window. It fills the room with welcoming light, but not quite to the level of energetic brilliance. Using ceiling fixtures, vanity, or tape lighting, you can incorporate this effect into a bathroom or dinette to create the feeling of pure, simple sunshine.
When you think of romantic glow, think of candlelight dinners. It’s the combination of focused intensity and calming aura, creating a soft, muted warmth that radiates in a designated space. This can be achieved through a dimmed chandelier or pendant, or ambient tape lighting lining cabinets or shelves.
For every space, there’s a lighting scheme that helps set the tone. From foundational lights, such as ceiling or downlights, to more decorative lighting, such as pendants and chandeliers, your lighting selections and guidance can help your customers enhance their spaces and set the right tone.
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