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Magda Esola - New Home Sales Superstar


Magda Esola is truly the living embodiment of inspiration. I first had the pleasure of meeting Magda in 2007, when she attended the New Home Sales Boot Camp in Delray Beach, that I was part of for almost a decade with Bob Schultz. Magda had only been in New Home sales for one week when we first met, and made the bold move to invest in her own training. To her it was a “Make it or break it” decision, and one that she believes changed her life, as she was giving the template to launch her career. In 2021 Magda closed $59 million in new home sales all by herself, (as opposed to being part of a team), and has been Charlotte’s salesperson of the year 4 years in a row with a mind blowing $300 Million in new home sales in the last 5 years.

Magda seeks out training every year, recognizing that in order to stay relevant she has to keep “sharpening her saw”. We reconnected recently, and I am so excited that Magda will be joining us at the Tropical Retreat Leadership program this November, and that she has invested again in her own development. Please enjoy this amazing interview, which truly bought a tear to my eye and made my heart swell with pride. Hear Magda’s journey from humble beginnings in Nicaragua to becoming a leader in North Carolina Real Estate, and how she is so grateful that she is truly living the American dream. Magda loves meeting new friends within our wonderful industry, so come meet her and also listen to her share “Magda Pearls of Wisdom” at the Tropical Retreat this November 2-4 at the beautiful Clearwater Beach Hilton resort and Spa.

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