In an attempt to gain an understanding of the status of business with our manufacturing partners, we recently conducted a survey. Our survey included members from across the country and the results show they have been experiencing similar ups and downs throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many supply chains have been interrupted because of shipping issues, supply issues, and reduced operational capacity. These supply chain challenges have been echoed by many of our builder members as well. However, there have also been pluses throughout the whole pandemic. Based on our results, about 75% of manufacturers reported orders have been above normal and about 75% have not had plant closures. Many of our manufacturer members plan to expand their market share by targeting the right builders for their market and introducing new products. Several also commented they intend to grow their market share through various methods during this time.

Communication has always been key between manufacturers, distributors, installers and builders, but right now is even more important. From our survey, we were able to get a good idea from our manufacturer members which forms of communication with builders is working the best. The most effective to least effective forms are: phone calls and emails, video meetings, face-to-face meetings, and social media.

Through all of the turmoil, most manufacturers and builders are trying to stay positive and optimistic. We at Builder Partnerships and Shinn Consulting have been working very hard to provide guidance and support to our community of builders and manufacturers. With our Webinar Wednesday program, you are able to receive great insight and education from our industry experts. View all of our past webinars on replay here.

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