4 tips for improving the process 

Brought to you by Organized Living

Builders are always looking for extra upgrade opportunities to maximize profits and ensure complete buyer satisfaction. Closet upgrades are exactly what your home buyers are looking for to improve the value of their new home and quality of their life; walk-in closets rank second on home buyers’ list of desired amenities, according to a survey by Zillow.  

These four tips for an easier upgrade process will allow you to offer the closet upgrades your home buyers want while maximizing your profits. 

1. Offer an adjustable and adaptable closet system.
Home buyers love a closet system that will make their life easier, starting at move-in. They want a solution they can make their own and will stand the test of time; freedomRail, Organized Living’s adjustable closet system, is ready to meet your home buyers’ needs. 

The system combines unwavering strength and endless versatility for years of use; home owners can adjust and add components to their system at any time without tools. According to a recent study by Builder, more than two-thirds of home buyers are willing to trade square footage for high-quality products and features. By choosing a high-quality adjustable system such as freedomRail, home buyers will get exactly what they want and you will profit from the upgrades.

2. Put comprehensive product information at their fingertips.
Help buyers make an informed decision by sharing product information, videos, and images. OrganizedLiving.com has hundreds of inspirational images, in-depth product information, and resource guides to help your buyers confidently choose the upgrade right for their lifestyle. 

3. Add visualization.

Businessman using a desktop computer with a view over his shoulder from behind of the blank screen of the monitor

Bring your home buyers’ upgraded closets to life in 3D so they can visualize their dream closet. The Organized Living Online Design Tool allows you to easily design each closet in the home and show your buyers the options in 3D, along with pricing. The Online Design Tool shows list price; you can add 25 percent to this price for your labor and profit. They will be able to envision all the ways they can be organized when they move into their new home. 

4. Provide open communication 
Being transparent with home buyers is more than just being upfront about the cost of the upgrades. Show them the closet rendering with all the components so they can visualize their closet. Inform buyers of the benefits of an upgraded closet system. They can work it into their budget and feel confident about choosing the closet system and design that best suits their needs. 

Stop leaving your home buyers wanting better and more storage. Install the closet upgrades they want! Organized Living makes it easy for builders to profit with freedomRail. 

Would you like to learn more about how Organized Living makes closet upgrades easy? Stop by the Organized Living booth #W5952 at the International Builders’ Show 2018 to check out our newest products, learn about closet trends, and find out how we can help you maximize your profits with closet upgrades.