Goodman is transforming residential HVAC systems with the introduction of our new split system, side-discharge air conditioners and heat pumps. Designed for the needs of new construction projects, these compact, space-saving solutions are perfect for backyards, rooftops, or patios. They combine quiet operation and high efficiency to meet the rigorous standards of today's residential builders. 

Optimized for New Construction: The Goodman SD models provide a significant advantage in new construction environments where space and noise levels are crucial considerations. The units are up to 53 percent lighter and 40 percent smaller than traditional models, requiring minimal clearance. This design ensures they can be easily integrated into modern residential layouts without disrupting aesthetic or functional plans. 

Enhanced Performance and Comfort: Engineered for performance, the Goodman SD air conditioners and heat pumps boast up to 17.5 SEER2, achieving optimal thermal comfort with remarkable energy efficiency. Their operation is as silent as a refrigerator, and the innovative Quiet Mode further reduces noise, making them ideal for residential areas. 

Direct Benefits for Builders: Goodman understands the challenges faced by divisional builders. Our side-discharge units are not only designed to optimize installation space but also to simplify logistics and installation processes, which can be handled by a single contractor using standard equipment. This ease of installation ensures that projects stay on schedule, a critical factor in new construction timelines. 

Sustainable and Cost-Effective: With Goodman's advanced inverter technology, these units offer up to 30 percent energy savings compared to traditional systems, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable construction practices and long-term cost efficiency.

Commitment to Quality and Reliability: Backed by a comprehensive 10-year Unit Replacement Limited Warranty and a Lifetime Compressor Limited Warranty, Goodman’s new models provide peace of mind, ensuring long-term performance and reliability. These warranties, coupled with our efficient customer service and support, exemplify our commitment to the construction industry and the individual needs of our clients.

For Builders Who Demand the Best: The new Goodman SD units represent not just a leap in technology but a transformation in how HVAC systems can integrate into the sophisticated needs of new residential constructions. For builders looking to partner with a name that stands for reliability, efficiency, and innovation, Goodman is that choice. Contact Jason Thorson, Daikin’s Business Development Director to learn more. M: 503.956.2616 | E:


Daikin / Goodman have added new rebate programs on the side discharge inverter systems!  Ask your relationship manager about them today:
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