Helping Residential Home Builders Grow

Though the weather may be cooling off, new home sales and building are not! Be prepared with the latest home building industry insight.
Leverage Technology to Succeed
With new home sales on the rise, builders who are leveraging technology are the ones that are best able to take advantage of this surge. While leveraging technology for both the front-office and to improve the buyer experience has gotten a lot of attention, the software you use to run your business can’t be overlooked.
Set Up and Use Key Metrics to Evaluate Company Health
Today we hear a lot of talk about key metrics, key indicators, or key measurements. What are these things, why do we need them, and why should we care about them now?In this blog, Emma Shinn focuses in on what, specifically, home builders should be tracking to work towards a more profitable organization.
Cut Your Build Cycle by Mapping to Critical Path
Join us for this webinar where consultant Carrie Roegers reviews the components of the construction schedule and guides attendees through a process to analyze your current schedule and map to critical path.
Find, Analyze, and Eradicate Variance
Jeremy Jackson, Director of Consulting Services, reviews the different types of variances and then discusses how to leverage your system to generate reports that can be used to identify, analyze, and eradicate variances.
Jeremy Jackson—Meet the Team
Jeremy Jackson has 20 years of experience in the construction industry doing everything from hands-on labor to executive level management for large national and regional builders. As a consultant, Jeremy has supported over 125 builders and currently manages a team that serve over 300 home builders.
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