Today's home buyer demands quality storage systems that are functional, affordable and versatile. Seventy-nine percent of buyers want more storage than builders provide. With Organized Living, you can give them more storage without altering floor plans or adding costs.

Organized Living's sole focus is storage and organization, and we concentrate on providing builders with storage products that excite homebuyers. With Builder Partnerships, you have access to best rebate incentives available for the following products:
  • Classica - Organized Living Classica maximizes form and function for the homebuyer who clearly understands their storage needs and prefer the fine details of custom storage. Classica comes in nine beautiful finishes and can be wall or floor mounted to maximize space.
  • FreedomRail - Organized Living freedomRail is the most adjustable system in the industry allowing homebuyers to easily change the components at any time, without tools. 
  • Ventilated Wire - Organized Living fixed Ventilated Wire systems are the strongest available. They provide the strength and durability that homebuyers expect in their closets. With the thickest wire gauge, epoxy powder coating, and patented hardware, our Lifetime Ventilated systems are engineered to last a lifetime.
  • Simple Wood Shelf and Rod - Simple Wood Shelf and Rod is an economical fixed wood shelving system that replaces interior painted plank and pole systems for style and solution that homebuyers prefer.

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