Joins Builder Partnerships
Builder Partnerships is Pleased to Announce the Newest Manufacturer Member to Our Organization
Smart Home System
Smart Living Made Simple
Orro Home is a cutting-edge, wellness-focused, smart lighting and smart living system that learns and adapts to a home. Orro combines the simplicity and scalability of smart lighting with the power of a super-advanced smart home solution. 

With Orro, your lights automatically adapt to your presence and the natural light in your home syncing with your circadian rhythm to help improve your energy level and the body’s sleep cycle. On the switch screen and inside your Orro app, you have full control of your connected devices in your home unlocking the full power of your smart home.
We see a future where your home is a place that not only welcomes you, but takes care of your needs. It understands you and intuitively makes things easier by adapting to your needs. While we’ve started with an intelligent light switch, we are creating ways for your home to support a happier and healthier life.
Nature’s lighting patterns are restorative, yet at the same time energizing. We want to bring more balance to your home, through light.
Orro is intelligent enough to make decisions for itself. And simple enough to integrate seamlessly into your home. It transforms light into subtle experiences that enrich the fabric of your home.
Why Choose Orro ?
Excellent Added Elements:
  • Model Home & Showroom Program
  • Builder Accommodation Program
  • Builder Marketing Support
  • Smart Home Consultations
  • Training: Sales & Technical
  • Dedicated Advanced Builder Support
  • Exclusive 2 Yr. Warranty!

Interests for Builders:
  • High demand for smart lighting & home control from new buyers
  • Orro helps promote wellness and energy efficiency in your homes
  • Integrations with the best brands in the world (Sonos, Ring, Nest, Yale, Amazon Alexa, etc.)
  • Orro makes your homes more attractive, more profitable, and sell faster!
  • We are a full service manufacturer that provides our builder with product, marketing, and dedicated support
The Orro Switch:
Sensors Built-In
Orro detects your presence and senses the levels of light in the room so it can make smart decisions about how to adjust the lights.
Onboard Intelligence
With a full computer inside, Orro can make intelligent lighting decisions all on its own. Orro doesn't rely on WiFi for it's smarts.

Dynamic Interface
A custom retina touchscreen and speaker enable rich interactions with Orro. With just a simple swipe and a tap, you're in complete control.
Beyond Lighting:

Control It All From The Wall - A smart home without the smartphone.

Orro integrates with your favorite smart home systems. There's more on the way. Works with...