Frigidaire celebrates 100 years of innovation with exciting new products designed to improve home buyers’ lives  

This year, Frigidaire celebrates 100 years of meaningful innovation, including inventing the first home refrigerator, the first home freezer, and the first room air conditioner. Their newest innovations build upon the brand’s 100-year legacy of offering appliances that make preparation, cooking, and clean-up quicker and easier.

Highlights of Frigidaire’s new products and technologies include:

Induction ranges and cooktops. Frigidaire’s new line of induction ranges and cooktops features the industry’s first-ever freestanding induction range for under $1,000. Induction cooking is very popular in Europe and other parts of the world. However, induction hasn’t been affordable in North America. This launch means Frigidaire consumers who are on a budget will have more opportunity to experience induction’s benefits, including:
Faster meal prep. Heat is transferred directly to cookware, not the surface of the cooktop. This means food heats up quicker and water boils 50% faster than a traditional electric cooktop.
Consistent, delicious results. Even heat across the surface of the pan reduces the risk of hot spots and over or under cooking, making it easier to achieve tasty, repeatable dishes every time.
Easier clean-up. Because the surface around your cookware stays cool to the touch, spills, splatters, or occasional boil-overs won’t burn onto the cooktop, making clean-up quick and easy.
Enhanced safety. Induction elements shut down automatically when a pot or pan is removed from the cooktop, thereby reducing the risk of accidentally leaving a burner on.

Frigidaire Gallery 24-inch Integrated Dishwasher. Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States, the Gallery Integrated Dishwasher incorporates technology that provides better cleaning and drying performance. The new dishwasher features two powerful OrbitClean® spray arms for both the top and bottom racks to ensure dishes are clean the first time. The top-notch drying system uses a fan and heating element to ensure there’s no need to towel dry at the end of the cycle.