Original Article by: Homes for HOPE

Providence Homes, Jacksonville’s leader in energy-efficient construction, recently completed its seventh Homes for HOPE project to help fight global poverty.  

“Homes for HOPE is a way to get the building industry involved in creating capital for those that don’t have access to it,” said Sean Junker, Providence President & COO. “We all come together; not just the builder but our trade partners and suppliers. We are able to leverage our talents and our resources to maximize the contribution we can give to HOPE International.”

Once the home is sold, the resulting donation is used to provide training, savings services, and loans to men and women living in poverty. HOPE sees 98% of the loans they disburse get paid back, and once a loan is repaid it gets sent back out as more loans, gradually breaking the cycle of generational poverty.

This year’s Homes for HOPE project resulted in a $240,000 donation. Because of their responsible and sustainable charitable model, it only costs HOPE $25 to serve one person for a year. That means with the donation generated by this one house, HOPE will be able to serve 9,600 people! Since Providence Homes began building Homes for HOPE projects, the sales of homes in the Jacksonville area have resulted in more than $900,000 in contributions.

“We are eternally grateful for our trade partners and suppliers on this project,” said Junker. “This wouldn’t be possible without their commitment to helping others.”

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