Scheduling is the backbone of a home builder’s entire organization. The construction schedule impacts the builder’s production capacity, profitability and cash flow. Improving the reliability of the construction schedule is one of the most effective strategies for improving company performance.

There’s a snowball effect inherent in unreliable construction schedules. The impact on trade contractors alone is enough to disrupt the flow. When trades don’t trust the schedule, they can’t use it to plan their resources, they become reactionary, they don’t show up on schedule, and dry runs are excessive. Unreliable construction schedules increase cycle time and reduce profits.

Construction schedules need to be reliable and consistent to be able to streamline the builder’s organization, improve cash flow, improve vendor and trade contractor availability and performance, improve superintendent performance and construction quality, and reduce construction rework and variances. An important step in improving the reliability of construction schedules is to not treat scheduling as a standalone process. Integrating the scheduling system with the other management systems is crucial, and all back-office processes need to support the construction process. Without this integration, the entire organization suffers. 

Our Scheduling Workshop was developed to help builders regain control of their production schedules and discover real solutions to improve cycle time. The next session of this live online training is scheduled for Tuesday, August 31, 2021. Click here for details.