In most businesses (manufacturing included), sales and marketing have a fickle history.  The relationship ebbs and flows back and forth, sometimes creating harmony, other times creating tension.

In a manufacturing company, the job of marketing is to evaluate the market through sales data and research to identify the best opportunities for growth and position products to capture those opportunities. The job of sales is to build a plan around the marketing strategy and execute on that plan by communicating the message directly to the customer while providing feedback from the field into the marketing process. 

Marketing teams need to be creative, open to ideas, and analytical.  Sales teams need to be great at building and maintaining the relationships in their markets that provide the avenues for sales growth.  Disruption in the coordination of these two groups occurs when marketing disregards the input from sales (because they know what is best based on their research) and when sales disregards the input from marketing (because they know best what customers want and need).  These breakdowns are often caused by poor communication internally and externally.  Neither group communicates with the other internally, and the communications that go out to the market vary, often creating confusion with the customers.

We are entering a new era driven and complicated by COVID, the workforce, and global supply challenges.  Now, more than ever, sales and marketing need to work together.  Marketing departments have the budgets to pursue great ideas that may have been sitting on the shelf, to showcase new products, and reinforce the place in the market for the old guard products.  Sales teams need to focus on relationship-building activities with both existing and new customers in order to properly communicate the marketing message.  They also need to be forthcoming about the challenges in the current environment.  Both departments should focus on clear and concise communications so that expectations are met and customers remain loyal and happy.

Builder Partnerships can help with distribution of your marketing and sales messages.  We can host your webinar, include your article in our builder monthly newsletter, send a blast email to our builder community, and share your social media posts.  We offer event sponsorship opportunities throughout the year for focused one-on-one encounters with key decision makers.  We encourage you to take advantage of the wide variety of options available for sharing your most important messages with our builder community. 

Builder Partnerships has the privilege of working with some of the most professional sales and marketing people in the industry.  We are here to help you and your sales and marketing team excel in 2022 with more builder interaction, product spotlights, brand recognition and much more! 

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