Original article by: PRO Builder Magazine

In normal times, the Schell Brothers say their Project Kudos bus drives around spreading positivity. But as the pandemic worsened, the local builders saw an opportunity to use their bus to help distribute food to families experiencing food insecurity. About 250 families showed up to the event, and the company plans to host another one in the future so that more people can get the food they need. The Schell Brothers were helped by the Harry K. Foundation, which has distributed 100,000 pounds of groceries so far. 

Hundreds of cars filtered through the Seaford Middle School parking lot on Tuesday afternoon and like clockwork their trunks were filled with bags of groceries.

“We have had an initiative, since the coronavirus started, to help feed families in need,” says Alyssa Titus, the marketing director for Schell Brothers.

The Schell Brothers are well known home builders on Delmarva but when they’re not on a construction site, they can be found wherever their unique black school bus is parked.

“Our Project Kudos bus goes out and spreads positivity during normal times. So we saw this need and decided that we could fill the gap,” say Titus.

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