A crisis often brings with it a silver lining, and the current global pandemic is no exception. Chuck and Emma Shinn, the founders of Shinn Consulting and Shinn Builder Partnerships, have always had a passion for education and providing the best possible learning opportunity to builders. In a time when we were forced to cancel our live seminars, it accelerated our plans to resume offering educational programs online.

We are pleased to announce the creation of Shinn Consulting Home Builder University, an online community for builders to access the critical knowledge they need to survive and thrive.   

“In times of crisis, information is power,” Chuck Shinn said. “You’re making decisions that can make or break your company and affect the livelihoods of your employees, your trade partners, and your suppliers. The Home Builder University will give you a wide-ranging set of information to make the right decisions for your business.”

“We have had a vision for expanding our online learning program for a long time,” Emma Shinn said, “and now is the perfect time to bring it to fruition. Builders need this education more than ever, and we have the technology to bring it to them. We feel honored to offer this important resource to our industry.”

Our spring and summer 2020 online seminars were a success.  The next sessions will begin October, with additional offerings planned for 2021.

We limit the number of attendees in our seminars to provide participants with personal attention and highly-interactive learning experience.  Attendees receive valuable insight and advice from our experts and have the opportunity to collaborate with peers from across the country.

A full curriculum of online seminars with certification opportunities is in development.  No travel expenses. No time away from the office. Stay tuned for more information.

Visit our Events page at builderpartnerships.com/events for our current lineup and check back often for updates.

Contact Lisa Putnam at 303-972-7666 or lisa@builderpartnerships.com for more information.