Original Article by: Lita Dirks & Co

As summer transitions to fall, we love getting into the flannel sheets spirit! We get to whip out our coziest and softest blankets, and our spiciest pumpkin candles. We get to change out our throw pillows, rethink our spaces, and design with a fresh crop of trends for warmth, no matter where you live. Explore a few interior design trends to incorporate this Fall season to create warmth and comfort.

Incorporate Wood Accents

Not only do wood accents create warmth, but you can also really express your creativity and completely change the feel of a room!

Bring the Outdoors In

Invite your family and friends in to experience the cozy indoors for the fall months.

Add Candles to Create Ambience

We all love socializing in a cozy home atmosphere with our family and friends. Make these moments even more enjoyable with candle decorations for warmth.

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