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Smart connectivity systems are starting to become a must-have amenity in multifamily properties—and not just for upscale urban rentals.

Smart home technology is an increasingly popular way for tenants and condominium owners to manage their lighting, sound, security, and climate of their residences from their smartphones or other devices.

A common misperception held by some multifamily developers and operators is that smart home technology appeals only to residents of upscale properties in the urban core, according to Donald Davidoff, an apartment industry consultant with D2 Demand Solutions.

“The appeal is obvious to those developing properties for the less price-sensitive and traditionally tech-hungry demographics,” he said. But he argues that the efficiencies the technology brings can have a much broader appeal—to residents of workforce housing, for example.

Many multifamily developers and operators believe that residents of workforce housing cannot afford the rent increases associated with offering a technology package. “But saving $25 in energy costs on a $900 rental may have more financial impact for residents of workforce housing than saving $50 on a $2,200 rent would have for urban professionals,” said Davidoff.


Another common misconception among multifamily developers and operators is that smart technology appeals only to affluent millennials and Gen-Zers, said Davidoff. He cited a Pew Research report showing that grandparents are adopting mobile-driven experiences more quickly than they did with previous technologies.

With Americans still facing Covid-related restrictions on their movement, smart systems in multifamily housing offer yet another advantage to property owners: the ability to permit short-term controlled access to potential renters or condominium buyers for self-guided tours.

Thanks to keyless entry, the property manager or sales agent can grant access to a prospect without having to be accompanied. For the foreseeable future, the ability to offer a self-show option could be a sales and marketing differentiator for multifamily communities.

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Brilliant Smart Home System helps developers and property managers offer a premium built-in smart apartment experience at an affordable price. Brilliant control panels make it easy for residents to control lighting, thermostats, cameras, locks, music, shades, and visitor access via the touchscreen or built-in voice control.

Brilliant control panels also have motion sensors to automatically turn lights on and off when tenants enter or leave a room. A built-in camera with privacy shutter allows occupiers to check in on the apartment or communicate with people at home while they’re outside the home. Brilliant’s smart dimmer switches enable smart lighting throughout a residential unit.

Brilliant works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and Siri, Honeywell Home, Ring, Sonos, ButterflyMX, Salto, Schlage, and Entrata.

Brilliant Command Center software helps property managers reduce energy and operational costs and streamline security via its robust access control system.

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