The primary bathroom is one of the most important rooms for any homebuyer and many are increasingly interested in wellness as well as luxury built into the space. From custom tile work to freestanding tubs, Dallas-metro custom homebuilder Tony Prutch, owner of Homes by J. Anthony, builds state-of-the-art bathrooms. In 2020, Prutch added MrSteam steam showers to his award-winning showcase home.

“Most of our clients are familiar with steam from their gyms,” Prutch said. “They love the luxury of having it at home and the enhancement options, like the MrSteam aromatherapy system and towel warmers, really complete that spa-like wellness atmosphere.”

Prutch adds that having a steam shower to demo in his show home has been instrumental for sales, showing buyers firsthand how easy it is to use and how discreet it is in the shower. While his team hasn’t experienced any challenges for installation, Prutch recommends reading the instructions carefully and consulting the MrSteam installation guidelines online for any questions. 

While Prutch focuses on large, custom homes, a great benefit of steam showers is that they can add luxury and wellness to any bathroom shower, big or small. Interested in adding residential steam showers into your home building portfolio? Here’s three tips Prutch follows to incorporate steam showers into his business.
  1. Demonstrate complementary therapies. The MrSteam family of products includes wellness upgrades to the steam shower, such as the AromaSteam System, which has an injector pump that electronically atomizes botanical fragrances and infuses them into the steam before it enters the enclosure for the most complete and consistent infusion of delightful essences. With towel warmers, audio systems and color-changing lights, MrSteam offers a range of high-tech, comfort-boosting enhancements to make a complete spa package.
  2. Select the right sized generator for the space size and the finish materials for maximum efficiency. For any steam shower, it's important that the generator chosen will be able to effectively fill the space with the perfect amount of steam, not too little and not too much. MrSteam’s formula for the volume of a steam shower is V=LxWxH, which helps you select the ideally sized steam generator that can fill the volume of the space. Get a size match for your next project with the Virtual Spa.
  3. Consider materials for form and function. Prutch says his customers are mostly interested in marble and porcelain for the shower, and it’s important for builders to be able to counsel their buyers. You always need a non-porous material such as tile and marble for the shower walls rather than porous ones such as slate and mesh-backed mosaics.
Prospective home buyers love the possibility of having an up-to-date, spa-inspired bathroom. With a steam shower, you can offer that important “wow!” factor– and resale value – for your clients.

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