Education is the cornerstone of success. For more than 50 years, Shinn Consulting has worked tirelessly to promote this mission. From seminars, to consulting, to in-depth studies, we proudly continue to provide top educational resources for home builders across the country. 

In pursuit of this mission, we are excited to introduce collaborative learning opportunities through our new online technical training programs powered by IBACOS. Our robust lineup provides foundational knowledge to help field personnel enhance their technical skills, filling skill gaps to improve performance. Click here to view our lineup of online technical training programs.

Bottom-Up Approach

Training strategies often default to a “set-and-forget” approach. It’s easy to let education fall to the wayside. Those at the top of the organization often resort to external resources that don’t take into account what is most important to the success of your organization: internal talent. 

Collaborative learning takes the opposite approach. Learners (new hires and long-term employees) get to determine their learning and training needs to inform the direction of their education. This ensures that the courses selected contain relevant topics that align with the learner’s needs and career path.

Knowledge Transfer

A collaborative learning strategy allows you to capitalize on your most valuable resource: employee expertise. Experts within the organization act as mentors to learners, ensuring open lines of communication and knowledge transfer. 

The entire company benefits from this exchange. It allows learners to grow in vital areas, which results in a more knowledgeable, fine-tuned organization.

Employee Retention

An organization is only as strong as its weakest link. Collaborative learning provides the opportunity to fortify the chain from within to create an environment that sets employees up for success and promotes retention of top talent. 

The collaborative learning approach allows you to combat issues as they arise and implement effective solutions. Learners gather information from their own experience and the experience of experts within the organization to develop an understanding of what areas require improvement. 

Trust Shinn Consulting to help you integrate collaborative learning techniques into your organization. Our new online technical training programs powered by IBACOS will benefit field personnel and anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of the home building process. Contact us at or 303-972-7666 to discover how your organization can take advantage of our entire education curriculum to reach higher levels of success.