Technology in business is simply a means to an end. It's designed to streamline processes, enhance communication, and be a tool to aid in solving problems. The driving force behind success with technology is people, not the technology itself. Understanding this fundamental principle is essential for harnessing the full potential of technology for the benefit of an organization.

By recognizing that technology is meant to facilitate outcomes, organizations can be more deliberate when developing their overall technology strategies and objectives. The focus should be on how technology can be leveraged to achieve desired results. With this mindset, the emphasis is not solely on the features or capabilities of the technology, but on its potential to have meaningful impact and address specific needs within the organization.

The role leadership plays in optimizing people and technology within an organization cannot be denied. The following question is crucial for leaders to ask themselves before any new system implementation: How can we support our teams in achieving success with this technology? Leaders need to be proactive in addressing any challenges or concerns that may arise during the implementation process. 

Whether it's resistance to change, or uncertainty about how to integrate the technology into existing workflows, leaders must be ready to listen, provide guidance, and remove any barriers to success. Open communication and a collaborative approach are key components for ensuring teams feel supported and prepared to embrace the challenges and opportunities inherent in implementing new systems.

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