The one role in a home builder’s organization with the greatest responsibility for the builder’s reputation is the superintendent. They have the most direct contact with trade contractors, suppliers and customers, and they have the most direct impact on the appearance of the job sites and the quality of homes produced. 

As managers, superintendents face unique challenges. They are the boss, but nobody actually works for them. They need trade contractors to follow their lead without the authority of being their direct manager.

A superintendent’s primary goal is to maximize the long-term profits of the company. They manage the construction process to deliver homes on time, on budget, and according to the company’s quality standard.

Superintendents play a critical role in the performance and profitability of a home building company, and their management talents are critical to the success of the construction project. Although most superintendents have superior technical skills, many lack the management training necessary to become effective leaders. 

It’s easy to see why top home builders invest in management training for their superintendents. The stakes are high and the return on investment is substantial.

Well-trained superintendents orchestrate resources to complete construction in a timely and cost-effective manner. They create and maintain an environment in which trade contractors can accomplish their goals efficiently and effectively. 

Reliability and consistency are the hallmarks of top performing superintendents. Construction schedules are reliable. Job sites are consistently ready for the next trade. Trades can finish their work on the first trip. All schedule variances are tracked. Schedule delays are resolved quickly.

Our popular training seminar for superintendents—The Superintendent’s Job: Front Line Manager—was developed to help superintendents advance their leadership skills to become superior managers dedicated to reducing costs without sacrificing performance and quality. John Kovac from Mesa Wood Ltd said “I am glad Mesa Wood invested in me and sent me to your seminar. I honestly experienced the best seminar ever attended. The material, format and presenters made this a unique experience. It is easy to see the passion from all of you during the seminar.” 

The next in-person session of The Superintendent’s Job: Front Line Manager seminar will be held February 9-11, 2023, in Atlanta. Visit the Events page to view all upcoming seminars.